Monday, December 14, 2009

More writing.

This is from my novel, What Gets You In, finished, but utterly unedited.

When Aiden realized he loved Chelsea, he knew he had to tell her about the virus. He desperately wanted to marry her, right after they graduated, but needed to give her the option of leaving before the disease took over, which one day he knew it would.

He took her to the only place that came close to rivaling her beauty, Canyon Lake. It was a couple hours drive, so he packed a blanket, and picnic lunch consisting of baguette, cheese, cold cuts, pasta salad, and wine. They sat by the lake and talked and laughed. Aiden wished their lives would play out just like that day, an eternity of happiness and bliss. He knew that would never be their future, if they even had one. It was speculative, at best, depending on how well and how long his sickness could be controlled.

He watched her with heartfelt adoration as she smiled, gazing dreamily across the lake to the canyon beyond, so peaceful, so lovely, he hated transporting her out of that beautiful serenity back into this world, this reality. He didn’t want to hide from her anymore, not for another second. He was ready to expose the truth, no matter the consequences.


She turned toward him slowly, almost as if it were painful to break away from the natural beauty of the lake and surrounding canyon. “Yes, Aiden,” she answered sweetly, the smile never fading from her face.

“There’s something I need to tell you.”

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