Friday, April 20, 2012

F³A: Queen of Filth

Yes, that is apparently me, according to Rated Reads, my little book, Never Eighteen, is the dirtiest YA book they have ever read, being the only YA book they up to this point they have labeled as DIRTY.  Yep.  I will quote my reviewer, Craig Smith, lover of all things feline, ducks, geese, chickens, and Mac. A-hem

"Absolutely unbelievably foul language and first-person viewpoint of teenage sexual intercourse. Yes, yes, everyone assumes that all teenagers speak and behave like this, but those of us who actually spend time with real teens (that are not our own children) have a little bit different perspective. The subjects of the discussions between Austin and his friends are also pretty hard to swallow; can one group of teens REALLY have ALL of those kinds of experiences? Is our society truly that twisted?"


I won't really comment on the review itself. I think it is an honor to be the Queen of Filth, no matter how inaccurate it may be. I will say this, I think their reviews are a little unbalanced from reviewer to reviewer as the vampire/human sex scene mess-up-the-hotel-room get pregnant have fetus almost kill mom by sucking all nutrients and blood out of her then try to eat her way out only to have boyfriend (need I mention they are unmarried) have to bite the baby out of the stomach with his vampire teeth to save moms life, blood everywhere, book Breaking Dawn only received a MODERATE rating. WTF???


Bow down to the Queen of Filth.

Friday Scribbles

Random iPod Shuffle Song: Say It Ain't So by Weezer

Book of the Week: Velveteen by my friend, Danny Marks. Dark and twisted. Love so far.

Redbox of the Week (there's an app for that): Crazy, Stupid, Love. Steve Carrell for the funny, Ryan Gosling for the eye candy. Yep, like.

Quote of the Week: "Writing? Sometimes it's not sacred. Sometimes it's like making ground beef by pressing a live cow through a colander. It's messy and hard and unglamorous and really quite insane, but at the end you still can eat a burger." ~ my amazing friend J Anderson Coats. She is a cross between brilliant and awesome. Awlliant? Click on her name. Buy her book. Seriously.
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