Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Monkey Madness: Rebranding Contest

Yes, I'm going to rebrand myself. I think it's time the Angsty Writer be retired. Yes, of course I'm still angsty, and I embrace that side of me, but that doesn't really define who I am anymore.  I mean, yeah, I write stuff from my heart and soul, and let my emotions guide me, and that, thus far, has become young adult contemporary fiction. But it's not all I write, nor all I want to write. I am more than that. I've written/am going to write:

Chick lit.
Adult contemporary

I don't want to get pigeonholed into being the writer of YA weepies because although, yeah, I'll probably continue to do that, I also want to write things that are funny, and fantastical, and asskicking.

So, this is what I think. I want you to help brand me. Those of you who've been following me for awhile probably know me pretty good by now. Those of you new here, maybe take a look at some old blogs? I need a new name for my blog. A new tagline if you will.  I'm also going to be redoing my website. Everything is getting a facelift.

 If I pick your brand, I'll send you a signed copy of Never Eighteen and a bunch of SWAG.  I'll put your name on my new website if you want.

So, you can answer here, send me a message through my website, facebook, or twitter. You know where to find me. I think I'll just run the contest until I find something I like.

Ready? Go.
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