Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NYC Day 2: Class of 2k12 and other fun stuff

Hard Rock Cafe
Day two was FULL. Of course it probably wouldn't have seemed that way if we could have gotten up on NY time, but we were still pretty much on west coast time and were woken up by the maid knocking on our door wanting to clean our room sometime after 10 am.

We headed out toward Time Square. First stop, Hard Rock Cafe to by Thing Two, my musician, a souvenir. Ended up buying her a cool t-shirt with a Jimi Hendrix design. Then it was to American Eagle, where I found Thing One, my little fashion hound, a t-shirt. Then Starbucks and Rockefeller Plaza, and the American Girl Store, where the BF wanted to buy Kaya for his daughter. OMG, I'd never seen so much AG crap or so many whiny little girls in my entire life. The store was really cool though.

A little snafu kept us there for a bit, then again we were off, first getting a hot dog at a street stand ( a NYC must do) then hitting FAO. I have to say, FAO was much different than I remembered. I remembered it being a little more open, walkable. I felt a little claustrophobic in there. We did a very quick walk through, saw Spidey and Captain America there, I had no idea they were friends, then we hit Central Park for just a few minutes because I began to panic because I was supposed to meet a friend at 4:30 and had my 2k12 event at the 10th Rail at 6:00.

Did I mention the weather called for rain and it was absolutely gorgeous the entire time we were there?

Back to the New Yorker to freshen a bit, then we had to find a place to meet my friend Theresa. I must say, it's very cool when you find a very cool place in New York to hang out and have a drink. We went to a place called McGarrys, a little Irish Pub on 9th Ave. It had a beer garden in back, which was awesome. We ordered an appetizer because we were starving (did we eat that day? no recollection) and waited for Theresa, whose bus had yet to appear.

While we were sitting, an Irish guy, assuming the owner or manager comes and sits next to the BF, and in his Irish accent says, "I need to sit and observe." He eyeballs a table in the corner with a large group. Then he says, "There's a group of ten over there, and only two of them drinkin'"
Theresa and I

I was like, "Oh, taking up space and not spending money." "Yeah." And then he must have put some kind of Irish curse on them or willed them to leave because not five minutes later they were up and gone.

Theresa shows up, and we enjoy a drink together. It was so nice to see her. I don't think I had since high school! She comes with us to the 10th Rail for the 2k12 Mix and Mingle.

Sarah, Annie, Kimberly, Me, Sarv, Lynda
The mix and mingle was small, but fun. So nice to meet my fellow 2k12ers, Sarv, Kimberly, Annie, Sarah, and Lynda. It's so weird, you talk to these people all year on the computer, and sometimes you never get to meet, so it's very surreal when you actually get to meet in person!!  Anyway, we had a great time, then it was back to the New Yorker (after a stop at Lucy's Cantina for $12 martini's O.o) and sleep.

Come back tomorrow for NYC Day 3: Books of Wonder
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