Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NYC Day 3: Lost at Macy's, WTC & more 2k12

I have to say, the first the the BF and I did every morning was hit the Starbucks across the streets. And just like here, the birthplace of Starbucks, there is pretty much a store on every corner in NYC.

Next we walked over to Macy's, which boasts being the largest department store in the world, and I believe them. Ten and a half floors (yes, half) tall, and I don't know how wide. Maybe a block? And there was a basement. I'm assuming that is part of the floor count.

On the way there, I ran into this: Okay, there is a large woman in front of us, imagine her speaking in a NY accent.  "She got a lot of fu*@ing nerve. Yeah she got a lot of nerve."
I'm assuming the woman is on a blue tooth since she was alone. We past her, nope, no blue tooth. Just one of the many people we encountered talking to themselves. Beautiful.

I'm wanting to buy a shirt for my book signing that evening, so we leave floor one (watches, perfume, guy stuff) and head upstairs to floor 2, then floor 3, floor 4. I'm pretty sure it took us two hours to get through those few floors. We got lost, turned around, didn't find a shirt, and didn't go any further because we had reservations at the World Trade Center. Macy's, for my tastes, was a bit too overwhelming. I think I'm okay with one floor of women's clothing. I'm not sure I want to take the time to go through three floors (it may have actually been four, I lost count).

We kind of lost track of time, so we had to take a cab to meet our 1:00 pm reservation at the World Trade Center. First time catching a cab in NY. I'd seen other people do it, so I was confident I could. I stood on the corner and put my hand out. Then a guy stood in front of me and put his hand out. Then a woman stood in front of him and put her hand out.  So what did I do? I ran down the street in front of the woman held my hand out and a cab promptly came and the BF and I hopped in while the woman yelled at me, "That's my cab!" I simply said, "Nope." and as we drove away, the BF said,"Have a nice day." Even the cabby laughed.

We get to the WTC, there's a long security line, but it didn't take too much time to get through. It's like the airport, but they yell at you if you take off your shoes. No this did not happen to me.

Let me just say, the memorial pools were breathtaking. I was brought to tears as I read the names of the all people who had died so senselessly. And they have the one tree left standing after the tragedy protected by a railing. It was absolutely beautiful.

After that we were starving to death, having not eaten yet and found this whole in the wall pizza place called Majestic Pizza. I must mention, these little restaurants have no bathrooms. Be prepared to pee anyplace you can find a public bathroom, even if you don't have to go because you never know when you may find a bathroom again. The pizza was  YUMMY!!!

We walk back, three miles, which was fine, but then I start to panic that I'm going to be late for my book signing at Books of Wonder. ACK! I quickly get ready, we start walking, I begin to panic, so about halfway there we catch a cab. We get there a half hour early. I was sticky hot and parched. I dumped my stuff off and BF and I find a place a couple doors down and grab a quick beer.

Then back to the book store. It was AWESOME!! We had about 50 people show up, including my friend Theresa from the night before. All the 2k12ers from the night before were there except for Kimberly Sabatini, her book doesn't come out until later this year. We got to introduce ourselves and our books, then we had Q&A and sales and signing. I signed a few books, and even a Kindle cover. I had some people come up to me who'd already read the book and tell me how much they liked it. Then we got to sign the rest of our stock (which means they can't send the books back, they have to sell them :) I bid goodbye to my 2k12 friends. So nice to be able to meet them in person and BF and I were starving, so off to dinner.

My friend Theresa told us about this place called Old Town, and she decided to meet us. It was a little pub off the beaten path and PACKED. Apparently people who live in NYC go out during the week because the tourists go out on the weekend and everything is even more packed.

Then we walked back to the New Yorker, VERY tired, having walked about 7 miles that day. We hit Times Square on the way because we wanted to see it at night all lit up. Then we literally collapsed.

Tomorrow, the library and getting lost in Central Park.
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