Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The weirdness that is Amazon

So I'd been getting a little down, my Amazon sales ranking was sucking. Since I don't yet have a second book coming out, I keep trying to think outside the box about marketing Never Eighteen. I've been reading marketing books, etc.

Seriously, my rank was at close to a million. I wasn't on any of Amazon's weird lists.

Then yesterday I checked, and my ranking was like 57k and I was on two lists:

#13 in Books > 4-for-3 Books > Children's Books > Issues > Illness

 #65 (guessing, don't really remember what this one was, but it was somewhere around there) in Books > 4-for-3 Books > Children's Books > Issues > Death and Dying.


My weekly sales are seriously up and down. Usually I do an event and they go up, but I've done nothing this week. Absolutely nothing.

This business is seriously insane.
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