Friday, February 8, 2013

F³A: I wish I'd written that

Man, I have run across some amazing books, TV shows, and movies, that have resonated with me and make me say, I wish I'd written that or I wish I could write like that.

The most recent is the series Lost. I just finished watching it on Netflix and I was blown away. J.J. Abrams of course is a genius, but to be able to film a first episode and the final scene, then keep the show going in the right direction for all six years, is fucking amazing. Plus, the storyline, the characters, everything about that show just rocked my world.

I don't know how many times I cried during the last few episodes. Too many to count.

Is there a book, tv show, or movie you wish you'd written? If so, what?

Okay, here's the Friday Scribbles:

Next Pandora Song: So Long by Ingrid Michaelson (Fun Channel)

Book of the Week: Considering I've not read anything lately, um..I guess I don't have one? Oh wait, I'll go with my friend Gae Polisner's The Pull of Gravity, which just came out in paperback this week. Go buy it.

Netflix of the Week: Duh, Lost Season Six. Did you know there was a 12 minute epilogue video too? You can find it here.

Quote of the Week: There were a lot of good ones from the show Lost, but this is my favorite, and I find myself saying it, just like Desmond, quite often. "See you in another life, Brotha." ~ Desmond Hume to Jack Shepard.

Happy Friday all. Have a good weekend!
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