Friday, July 26, 2013

Ermergerd! I'm Ermerlst Dern!!!

I can taste it. Twentyish pages left. Then I just have to type them up and send them to Lori, my
formatting girl. Hopefully she's not working on a huge project and can get them done for me quickly. (hint hint if you're reading this Lori)

I've learned a few things during this.

In the future I will do my copy edits on paper. I think when I do them in Word by tracking changes I probably get lazy and just start clicking accept, accept, accept...accept, accept, accept...

Fine tooth comb it the FIRST TIME. Which I thought I did, which I obviously didn't.  I'll be more careful because...poor, poor Lori. I think she regrets ever offering to do this for me.

I suck at editing.

Seriously. I suck. Big time.

And hey, it's finally Friday!!!

Here are my Scribbles!

Shuffling iPod song: Hero by Family of the Year

Book of the Week: Huh? Seriously, I've not had time to read shit. I could pick my own book. Or Divergent, which I'm still reading, if you call what I'm doing reading, or the number of marketing/branding books I've been skimming, ugh.

Netflix of the Week: Sons of Anarchy Season 1. It seems really long. I mean it's good, but I feel like I've been watching it forever.

Quote of the Week: "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."
~ C. S. Lewis
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