Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot Wing Thursday

I actually did triple duty this week. I had hot wings twice on my vacation to the beach, then again last night.

First stop, Homeport Restaurant at Ocean Shores. Not all that impressed. Crispy, which is not really how I like my wings and they weren't hot enough for my taste. The waitress initially brought ranch. I was like, "Is this blue cheese?"

"Did you want blue cheese?" Um, hot wings come with blue cheese, not ranch. The whole experience was a bit disappointing.

Then I tried again at the Pirates Cove, also in Ocean Shores. They wings were crispy still, but hotter. Once again, they were delivered to me with ranch. This time I didn't complain because I came in right before the kitchen closed and didn't want to cause any trouble. So, I sucked it up.

Okay, so last night I go to the Loose Wheel Bar and Grill on 6th Ave in Tacoma. First of all, you can get an order of 6 or 12, and Wednesday happens to be Wing night, so I guess they're on the cheap. Then, you have a variety of sauces to choose from, there was BBQ, Sweet and Spicy, Mild, Hot, Extra Hot, and Stupid Hot.

I like hot, but if it's too hot, you can't really taste the food, so we asked for a sample of the Stupid Hot and Extra Hot, which our waitress, I wish I could remember her name because she was awesome, brought us. The Stupid Hot was a smoky chipotle sauce, and while I love chipotle, I don't like it on my wings. So, I went with the Extra Hot.

AND you got your choice of blue cheese or ranch.

When the wings came, they were just as I like them, not too crisp, dripping with hot sauce. Yum. Going to be hard to beat these. But I am a woman on a mission.

So while I'd skip the wings at the first two (though they have some great other food, Homeport serves killer breakfast, and I hear the fish and chips at the Pirates Cove rock) you can't miss out at The Loose Wheel.


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