Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Things Megan has done the last month...


furnished a house using garage sales, craigslist, and the side of the road

Worked at a wine shop twice with a third time coming Thursday.

Looked for and found a job

spraypainted three tables, a dresser, a nightstand, and four chair

Erected a shelving unit and mounted it to the wall (for me, this is big)

Organized and placed orders for a soccer team as well as signing them up to a tournament.

Ordered cable, wireless, electricity, and pizza.

Figured out how to connect to her own wireless services since Net Venture guy had better things to do than wait for the cable to finish getting hooked up.

Received edits from publisher.

Wrote an article for the examiner,  two blogs, three pages of current work in progress, and one poem.

Gone to portland and the ocean.

Took the girls shopping.

Scheduled two doctor appointments, had a minor surgical procedure and a TB test.

Results: exhaustion.

What have you been doing lately?


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