Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Austin's Journey: The Puyallup Fair

 1.2 million people were expected to attend the Puyallup Fair this year, 39,000 expected to ride the ride on the right, The Extreme Scream.  Part of Austin's journey includes facing his fears, heights being one of them.  The ride costs ten bucks per person.  Some days they have a two for one deal.  It's twenty stories high, 3 g’s on the way up, negative one on the way down.  It's definitely the centerpiece of the fair.  I've ridden it exactly once.  I myself am afraid of heights like Austin, but I must admit, it was thrilling.

The next thing Austin wants to do is eat something really hot, because he hates hot.  He and his friend (and secret crush) Kaylee go to the BBQ Pete's booth and have some good old hot chicken.  BBQ Pete's has been around for as long as I can remember, not just at the fair, but restaurants around town.  Many of the restaurants have since closed, but you can be sure to find them at the fair every year.

Kaylee and Austin also take a ride in the Haunted House, one of the lamest rides at the fair, but it's dark, and you never know what can happen in the dark, right?  I've missed the fair the last couple years because it ain't cheap (you can count on dropping at least $200 for a family of four).  But everytime I go I have a blast.

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