Friday, October 8, 2010

So, I told you about Thing Two kicking a guy in the gnarlies for spitting in her face?  Well, here's another story for ya.  Last week, this Freshman jerk was saying crude things about Thing One to Thing Two.  Thing Two, totally disturbed, called me.  I told her to be sure she told her sister so she knew what was being said about her.  End of story, right? Wrong.

Same boy a couple days ago was riding around on his skateboard after school, near the middle school again.  Why these high school boys still hang out by the middle school is beyond me, but whatever.  So he says the same thing about my precious first born to my second born.  This time, as he's skateboarding around, she sticks her foot out in front of his skateboard and sends him flying, then proceeds to tell him to "shut his f*@$&*g mouth."

Um, I'm still proud of her, I can't help it.  First she stand up for herself, then she stands up for her sister.  This kids rocks.  BUT, I don't want her to get overconfident.   Some puny skatehead may not do anything about it, but someone with a bigger attitude might come down on her.

I told her that's fine, but she needs to be careful.  Not everyone is going to sit back and take that and I wouldn't want to see her get beat up or anything.

She agreed.  I'm hoping she won't have to keep defending herself and herself to bullies and liars, but we are talking teenagers here. 

That's all.


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