Friday, April 8, 2011

F³A: Multi-tasking

I have been multi-tasking for some time now.  Between my day job, my writing (including research), editing when needed, my video work, and co-presiding over the Class of 2k12 including making the trailer, the lines get blurred. It's not pretty.  I've got papers strewn all over my office, notes scribbled everywhere.  Sticky notes plastered on everything.  This is how I do it.  And somehow it all comes together.  I like to call it organized chaos.  Aside from that, I have crap sitting all over the place that I have to review for Amazon Vine, papers that need to go into recycling, CD's with pictures and video for different projects I'm working on, and for some reason there is two packs of confetti on my desk.  Sometimes it amazes me that I get it all done.

So, how do you do it.  How do you get it done when it seems like pandemonium and disharmony.

By the way.  I have a new Facebook Fan Page, yes, I'm pimping myself out.  If you want to "like" me even more than you do, click here.  If you're sick of me and just want to wish me away, don't click there.

Also, only six more to my 100th follower.  Prizes will come to that 200th person.  It could be you.

Okay, not for the Friday Nibbles.

Random iPod Shuffle Song: Train, If It's Love

Book of the Week: The Year We Were Famous.  Went to Carole Esty Dagg's book release.  She's adorable and I can't wait to start the book.

Movie of the Week: Burlesque, loves me a musical, and Christina Aguilera has the best voice on the face of the earth.

Quote of the Week: Multi-tasking - Screwing everything up simultaneously.
-- Anon

That is all.  Happy Friday

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