Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Agent Search Has Begun

It's begun. I've queried two now, one through meeting at conference, one through referral. Yesterday I did my research on agentquery.com and came up with a list of fifteen more to query in the upcoming weeks. I'm thinking five a week.

I have a few top ten lists I'm going to go through. Top ten most queried, most accepting, most unresponsive, most rejecting, and research, of course, the most accepting and see if there are any that are a good fit for me, and try and avoid the other ones (they don't all rep YA btw). Of course one of my dream agents is on one of the other lists, so, you know, I can't avoid them all.

I've also gone back to the Blue Boards. It's been a long time, so I'm listed as a newbie again. :( I was a frequent poster before. The Blue Boards were pretty much my bible when I started the journey to publication. I'm in Verla Kay's debt for the invaluable resource.

I'm also curious, if I query an agent I know reps friends, do I mention that? Even if they didn't really refer me there? And if I mention them, do I mention that they didn't refer me there?  Maybe I should ask my friends, but getting some unbiased opinions would be good too.

Anyone else out there on the quest for an agent?

Okay, wish me luck.
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