Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Top 4 Fears: # 3 Heights

Yep, don't like flying, especially in a 24 seater in a lightning storm (been there done that).

When my husband wanted me to go on the giant slide at the fair last year I simply said no. What I should have said was, "When I get that high up, I start to get dizzy to where I feel I will plummet to my death." Yet, I didn't, so up I went. I did not plummet to my death, but I did not enjoy it all the same.

I do not like to look over ledges of tall decks, towers, etc.

I do not like to look out the window of skyscrapers for fear the glass will break and I will, yep you guessed it, plummet to my death.

Maybe I'm actually afraid of plummeting to my death than anything else. ;)
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