Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Top four worst experiences in school: # 2 False Accusations and Strangulation

I think this took place in 4th grade, if I remember right. There was this weird boy, I'll go with the initials again, DD. He had a dirty mouth and was and egotistical bully. Well, one day, I'm walking down the halls at school with a friend, can't remember who now. We saw DD's leather jacket lying in the middle of the floor. Looking back, I'm sure it wasn't real leather, I'm sure it was fake leather. My friend suggested we toss the jacket in the girls bathroom. I would never have done this on my own, being a shy, timid girl who didn't like to get into trouble (stop laughing, it's true). However, the girl in my company was brazenly daring, so I went along with her. She picked up the jacket, shoved the bathroom door open, and threw it inside. Technically, I had no hand in this at all except for the fact that I happened to be there.

DD's jacket somehow ended up in one of the toilets (he apparently had many fans). Then came Toiletgate. A bunch of us were brought into the principal's office, there were about six of us. I have no idea how the others were involved outside me and the girl who threw it in the bathroom in the first place. We were asked a series of questions to determine our guilt or innocense. I must have passed, because I did not get in trouble for this, at least from the principal.
The day after, our class was in PE, and the teacher left the room for few minutes. DD starts yelling at me, saying how he knows I threw his jacket in the toilet. I told him I didn't, but that didn't satisfy. He grabbed me tightly by my hood (back then we all wore hoodies wth our last names on the back, of course, we didn't call them hoodies, we just called them sweatshirts), and shook me back and forth while screaming at me. My air flow was cut off by my sweatshirt. I couldn't breathe. Everyone just stood and watched, I'm assuming because, although he was a skinny kid, he towered about a foot above the rest of the 4th graders. Luckily, the PE teacher came back, putting an end to my premature death.
Not a good experience.
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