Wednesday, June 9, 2010

so tired

i think i've been the most tired this week that i've ever been.  i haven't slept well in days. and today it caught up with me.  

i didn't even hear the alarm go off, my husband get up and get ready for work, or leave.  i usually get up with him and make his lunch.  i hope he does not go hungry.
i woke at 6:30 am.  those that know me know that this is late for me.

i told my kids they would not be getting a ride to school so to make sure they get ready in time to walk.

my body feels as if it's weighed down with lead.

i'm forcing my eyelids open.  they want nothing more then for me to go back to sleep.

i'm so tired i refuse to use caps.

i don't want to get dressed.  
i just want to lay down unfortunately my life does not allow it.  cleaning, a trip to the mall, and a house guest tonight says otherwise.

maybe tomorrow...


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