Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An Update of a Different Kind.

Select soccer.  

Thing One's coach approached me last week after practice.  He had told the parents about some tournaments the teams were going to be doing during the summer, but both teams couldn't be at the same tournaments because there wasn't enough players to fill both teams yet.

So after practice, he told me he would definitely by taking Mary to the tournaments with the A team.  He also said when picking teams, she was right on the bubble.  He went on to say that had he not enough for both an A and B team, Mary would have made the team.  Yet, since there were two teams, he took physically stronger kids on the A team and left Mary on the B team for a couple of reasons.

1) Mary will get as much playing time as she wants on the B team, whereas on the A team, she would be fighting for playing time.

2) Playing that much would prepare her better for high school soccer, which he knew she wanted to play.

I think he gave viable reasons, and we felt better about the decision.  Since more has come up though.  Will update when the time is right.

Oh, select soccer, why do you torture me so? 


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