Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I haven't blogged in a while once again. So thought I'd update.  Still working, going to soccer stuff continuously, that is pretty much my life right now.

I did send my second set of rewrites to my editor and she said, "This is really good, very powerful. I think you’ve done it, finished the story."  which had me floating for days.  Probably until yesterday...

...when I killed a cat.  

It darted out of no where and ran right up under my car.  I cried and cried and cried, and I'm just trying to stay distracted so I can stop thinking about it and move on with my life....

...which bring me to being a day behind on NaNoWriMo already.  Yes, I'm doing Nano again, I have done it the last two years, completed and Never Eighteen was one of them.

...and speaking of Never Eighteen...

The video contest is still going on.  Click here to view my video trailer of Never Eighteen that I created for the contest.  I'm getting a lot of good feedback on it.  I don't have the most votes, but last time I checked I had 136 which is up there.  It appears you can vote sporadically.  Some have been able to vote once a day, some more than once a day.  I have only been able to vote about once every two days.  I could win a Mac, a video camera, or a trip to Sundance!!!

My friend Erica is doing an author series on her blog this month, check her out here.  I'll be one of the showcased authors at some point.

One last thing.  I'm doing a contest on my blog, which I never do but my friend Mike wouldn't take no for an answer, so tomorrow look here for instruction and a crazy blog from me about nothing.

Wow, I'm a bit long winded today.  

Have a great one.


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