Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tfer Tuesday

I did not find someone to guest or tandem blog with me today, so instead I'm going to be commenting on a blog I read.  Dawn over at Through the Looking Glass blogged about her Gleekiness.  She posts photos of her muses on her blog as well, yesterday being totally super hot picture of Matthew Morrison.

People that know me, know I love musicals.  Hair is my ultimate favorite movie.  I've seen it a million times and can sing every song by heart.  I've been known to put on the soundtrack and belt it out, even the songs that didn't make it to the movie.  Loves: Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, Cabaret, West Side Story, All That Jazz, and of course, Grease.  I could name more, but these are the faves.

So here's the kicker, as this girl who has loved musicals since she busted out of the womb...wait for it...I've never watched an episode of Glee.  Ever.  Why?  Honestly, I have no idea.  I keep saying I want to, but I don't.  Maybe it's just that I'm short on time these days.  Maybe it's because I hate being a slave to the television.  Maybe it's because I seriously need to get some writing done, taken on a side job, outside my real job, soccer season still in full swing.  Who knows?

So, my goal for the week is to 1) see if season one is on Netflix instant watch 2) If it's not see if they have full epidodes on the net.  But someone will need to tell me what channel it's on, because I don't even know that.

Megan more-than-likely-future-Gleeker Bostic
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