Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Writing Wednesday: Withered (which I know I'll need to change)

As always, this is unedited.  I don't think I've even read it since I wrote it.    This may or may not be my next project after Sad.

      Entering the cafeteria, we looked around to see where we might want to sit.  We walked slowly down the aisles of  industrial white school lunch tables until we heard someone say, “You ladies need a place to sit?”
     Following the voice, we found a table of boys.  All staring and smiling.  At Sarah.
     “You can sit on my lap,” a tall thin boy with wispy shoulder length strawberry blond hair and a nose full of freckles said.
     The boy next to him, the one that had called us in the first place, punched him hard in the arm.  “Ow!” he yelled, rubbing what would probably a newly forming bruise.
     “Never mind Jack.  He’s an idiot.  What he meant to say was that he’d love it if you beautiful ladies would sit at our table.”
     Sarah looked over to me, I just shrugged, and we headed over to their table.  Not wanting to sit too close to Jack, we took a seat on the other side of our host.
     “I’m Chad,” he said, offering his hand.  He was something to look at, light brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, and dimples that could make even the most frigid girl melt.  
     “So, you two are new this year, huh?” Chad asked, mostly to Sarah as his eyes hadn’t left her face since we sat down.
     “Yeah, I’m from Colorado, and Willa here is from Oklahoma,” Sarah answered.
       “What do you do in Oklahoma?  Tip cows?” Jack asked then snort laughed.
     “Yeah, cow tipping, never heard that one before,” I said.  “And we’re all rednecks, love country music, drive pick-ups and wear cowboy hats.”
     “Jack, stop being such a douche,” Chad said.
     “What?” Jack said with a mouth full of peanut butter sandwich.
     Just then, Veronica, our walking dead tour guide from orientation showed up, food tray in hand, two more walking dead girls, twins to be exact,  behind her.  Veronica looked right at Chad and said, “What are they doing here?”
     “I invited them to sit with us.”
     “Well uninvite them.”
     “Ronnie, come on.”
     She exasperated and took a seat on the other side of Jack, her entourage sat across from her.
     “Ronnie, this is Sarah and-”
     “We’ve met,” she said digging into her school lunch, which consisted of nothing more than a pile of carrots and an apple juice.
     Chad then turned to us, gestured toward the twins and said, “And this is Blythe and Bliss.”
     “It means joy,” they said in unison, reminding me of murderous evil twins from a horror movie.
     “Creepy,” I whispered in Sarah’s ear.  She giggled.
     The time passed quickly as Veronica nibbled on her carrots, Chad talked Sarah’s ear off, Jack told stupid blonde jokes, and the scary twins did everything in unison from shoveling food in their mouth to drinking from their pop cans.  The bell rang and Sarah and I headed toward the exit.
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