Friday, October 7, 2011

F³A: Blogging, blogging, and more blogging

Seriously, I've been doing nothing but the day job, soccer, and guest blogs all week.  The guest blogs have been pretty fun.  I'm one of Badass Bookies Debutantes for 2012.  I've got a blog tour coming up on Teen Book Scene (I'll share dates later).  I've got a Dear Teen Me letter coming out on October 31st. And I've got two posts for the Class of 2k11 at the end of the month.

Oh, yeah, and the Class of 2k12 launch on the 12th.  I'll be blogging toward the end of the month (website not up until that date).  Plus I've got guests blogs to finish up for the class.

I'm crazy right?  The answer would be yes.  But I love it.  It's what I want to do.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

Don't forget, I'm sending out signed bookmarks for anyone who subscribes to my Youtube channel.

Question: I've got my vlog series, but is there anything else you'd like to see?  Advice, personal stuff? (keep it clean people)

Okay, Friday Scribbles:

Random iPod shuffle song:  Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine.  This song has a supporting role in Never Eighteen.

Book of the Week:  I'm sticking with Amy Dominy's OyMG.  After I finish all these blog posts, I should have time to read again. *fingers crossed*

Netflix of the Week: Dexter Seaon 5, OMG! OMG! I LOVE Dexter.

Rest in Peace
Quote of the Week:
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