Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday is Thrustday

I've never really referred to it like this, because I try to stay prim and proper. er.

Because if a typo a while back (I can't remember whose exactly, maybe one of my friends can help out there) Thurday has become Thrustday.

We use Thrustday to misbehave.  To act crazy.  To flirt.  To use innuendo for fun.

It's goofy, but it's fun, and it breaks up the monotony of the week.  Everyone should celebrate Thrustday every week.

Enough about that.  Kathryn Burak, author of How People Disappear, coming to you in 2012, has written a wonderful post about writing today at the Class of 2k12 blog.  All aspiring (and even published) writers should read it.  It's very thoughtful and offers great advice.
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