Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tis the season to give to those in need

I swear, I thought this was going to be a nice calm week for me.  Um, not.  My intention was to post about giving all this week, but I've not even really had the chance to blog until today.  So, yeah, go give. 

My mom and I
My mom, she inspires me.  She donates every year to the Hospitality Kitchen in our city.  They are open every day of the year and provide 1,200 meals a day.  A DAY!! My mom doesn't just donate money, she also donates clothing, toiletries, books, coats, blankets, items the people that frequent the kitchen desperately need.  She also urges others to donate as well, and she's teaching her grandchildren the importance of giving by bringing them with her when she takes the donations down to the kitchen.

Hospitality Kitchen is run by Catholic Community Services (CCS).  They do a lot of good in our area.  Aside from the kitchen, they also provide shelter for the homeless, help people find housing, offer services for children and youth, families, seniors, and people with disabilities.

You company can also adopt a family for Thanksgiving and Christmas through CCS, which my day job does every year.

My beautiful Thing Two
There are so many ways to give, not just at Christmas, but throughout the year.  Find something close to your heart.  I'm donating money to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital here in Tacoma.  They saved my daughter's life when she was just five weeks old.  I can't imagine a life without seeing this face every day. *points left*

Also, at one of my release parties, I'm hosting a raffle to benefit the hospital.  Plus, I have my Never Eighteen store at Cafe Press, in which I will be donating every dime I make to the hospital.  You know, if you wanted to buy some Never Eighteen stuff. *hint hint*

Not sure who to donate to?  There are websites that rate charities, like , so you can be sure your money is going to someplace worthy.

Try not to forget those in need while making your shopping lists this season.

Happy holidays.

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