Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One Week

OMG! It's one week until my book release. Am I excited? Of course. I'm I terrifed? Definitely. Am I freaking out? Undoubtedly.

In honor of my one week left, I've decided to do another giveaway. Yep. I'm going to give away a marked up ARC and swag. For those of you who don't know what a marked up ARC is. It's a review copy that has notes written by me in the margins, telling you all the secrets I didn't get to reveal in the book or background story about the people and places I wrote about.

You want?

Visit my Facebook Fan Page in the Notes section, answer one simple question, and leave your email address. It's that easy.

Winner will be chosen at random to be announced on my book birthday, January 17th, 2012!!

I also want to wish a happy book birthday to Robin Bridges (The Gathering Storm), Caroline Starr Rose (May B.) and Robin Mellom (Ditched). Check out their books!!!

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