Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maybe my stars are aligned...

Kismet is a word derived from Turkish and Hindi-Urdu. It means, fate, or destiny. A predetermined course of events. I used to like the word kismet, because the words "fate" and "destiny" seemed way too powerful. Kismet seemed a little more light and fluffy, therefore maybe not as permanent?

I doubted fate. Doubted it was truly possible. Until maybe recently.

A tiny course of events took place leading to one idiosyncratic moment that is way too weird to be written off as coincidence. It makes me seriously wonder if fate truly does exist.

Then the subsequent series of events that have taken place since seem so organic, so natural, it's like everything that's happened has fallen in place, exactly where it's supposed to.

So, that one incident, the one occurrence that puts everything in motion, that has in a sense predetermined the next course of events, is that fate?

Or is it merely chance?

And even if it is fate I'll never know, because I have no idea what is supposed to come next. I guess right now I'm not going to even think about it. There's no reason to. I think I'll just sit back and let fate take it's course.

So tell me, do you believe in fate?
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