Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On the Writing Front

You have five more days to get your entry in to ABNA (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest). They haven't announced any of the categories closed yet, so if you have a finished novel and want to try to win a publishing contract and a $50k advance, you better get a move on.

On the writing front, I'm torn. I have two fantasy MSs started, both of which are going to be series I'm hoping. One, a fairy tale retelling, the other dystopian. But there are so many more stories in me to write, most of them contemporary realistic, which I know will probably keep me a mid-lister for the rest of my writing days.

I shouldn't have started a project when I already had one going. sigh. I also have two adult books started, and one chick lit I've been wanting to write forever.  And then of course there is always something that needs editing. I wrote a book about a school shooting a couple years ago I'd like to polish up and send out.

Do you ever have more than one project going at a time? How do you balance the two?
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