Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Tuesday rant from me to you: sometimes online dating sucks

For a couple days I've been talking to this guy. He wrote me first. He seemed like a nice guy. Lived a
little further away then I prefer, but he didn't have any pets, which is good because I'm allergic, and he stated that all his kids are over the age of 18, which it states on my profile I prefer if they have kids they are 12 and older.

He found me interesting, called me things like "awesome"  "beautiful" "kind" and he said my honesty in my profile was "noble" and "you don't even sound rude in it". That comes into play later.

He looked pretty cute in his pics. He had one at his daughters wedding, then he had one with this little boy, which I assumed was his grandson. Then we were talking (messaging) one day and he mentioned that he was "fighting for the boy in the picture. I asked who the kid was, and he said, "my son" . I asked how old, he said...wait for it...5.


...all my children are over the age of 18...



So, I happen to say I felt a little duped by the fact that on his profile he said his kids were all basically adults when he has a kid that's 5. Need I remind you my profile clearly states, and this is a direct quote from my profile, "Please have children over the age of 12 (give or take a year)" Give or take a year does not mean 5. If I'm doing my math right, um, that's 7 years. 

Then he tells me I'm giving him drama and that he enjoyed reading my profile, though he found it a little harsh (see above about me being noble and not even rude). And that saying he duped me was a big turn off and no woman would matter more than his child. yadda yadda yadda.

Um...drama? or...honesty, which initially he found...what was the word? Noble. Which he wasn't being saying all kids were adults. Last time I checked 5 wasn't an adult.

I explained that having teenagers allowed me certain freedoms of travel, not having to find babysitters, doing what I want when I want basically, and I didn't want to be bogged down by small children. Again, just being honest. I also apologized that he felt I was attacking him with my honesty and left it at that to which he said he just wanted someone who wants him for him. Fine. Go find someone who wants a liar. I"m cool with that. Been there, done that.

Um, kooky pants? Yes or no?

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