Monday, November 25, 2013

Done being thankful

Thankful or taking a poop?
It's not that I have nothing left to be thankful for, but my cousin Natalie made a good point on Facebook the other day. She said this"

"Not to be mean but I could really live without peoples thankfulness after the 15th. I could care less about their thankfulness of coffee, blankets,sunshine,a strangers smile,cars,water and just being a human on a everyday basis. If your posting something stupid about being thankful just stop! No one is gonna say" hey Debbie what happened to your thankful List from the 20th to the 30th" just do yourself a favor and live thankfulness..."
Haha, she's funny and I got tired of trying to think of stupid things to be thankful for. So thank you Natalie for pointing that out. I'll just be thankful every day I wake up because it means I'm still alive.

I will be nowhere near a place like this on Black Friday
I would like to say this about being thankful: If you're one of those batshit crazy kind. Be polite. And most importantly, try not to trample anyone to death.
people that go shopping on Black Friday - I am not, as I loathe the mall, crowds, people in general, shopping and I'm a broke bitch - please remember all the things that your were thankful for just the day before.  Be

One more thing, in honor of Black Friday, the kindle version of my new book Dissected with be free on Amazon this Friday.

Yes I said FREE. One day only.

I ask one thing of you. If you download it, read it and like it, I would love if you would review it for me on Amazon. It really does help sell more books.

If you don't like it, feel free to review it as well, that helps too, but I won't like those reviews as well. Just sayin'.
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