Wednesday, November 6, 2013

OMG It's November and I've not been Thankful ONCE!

Okay, in my usual cold, dead little heart I'm sure I have once, but usually I will blog about it (I think, don't I? Who knows at this point).

So today I will play catch up and blog about 6 things I am thankful for.

6. My health - Okay, maybe I'm tired all the time and maybe I'm batshit crazy, but I have all my limbs and they work properly. I can see and hear and speak. It is my job to keep this body healthy to the best of my ability.

5. My job - Here I mean my day job. I work for a law firm. I do most of their marketing, which includes their social networking, print ads, offline networking, website, blogging, etc, etc, etc. It never ends. I enjoy the work I do, I'm paid well, and we have added benefits at our job that I know other people don't get elsewhere. Plus, I work part time and can still pay my bills, and this still allows me the time to write and market my books.

4. My writing - Oh lord, where would I be without this. Those of you who have been reading my blog for some time know that I've been through some rough patches. I'm not shy about my experiences in life. I share them in the hopes maybe they can help someone else. During those times I've felt desolate and detached from the entire world, I had this. My writing has helped me grieve through losses, make my way through darkness, and give me an outlet when I've needed it.

I thought we were supposed to do the duck face.
3. My friends - These bitches. Some of these people know things worthy of blackmail and I hope they never use it against me. I have friends from high school, writing friends, work friends, friends I've reconnected with on Facebook from junior high, friends I've met through Facebook, I also include my siblings in's cray cray...
My bestie

Work friends on a scavenger hunt.
Writing friends
My sisters and brother
Gae Polisner, awesome writing friend
My two besties

2. My parents - What these two have done for me...oy. I cannot even begin to explain. Let's just say, I owe them everything.

1. My daughters - Yeah, so maybe there is a toothbrush on my bannister and a pair of dirty socks in my car. Perhaps I have to clean up their dirty dishes on a daily basis, tell them to be quiet when I'm trying to sleep, and nag them to clean their rooms. But they're good kids. They stay out of trouble. The treat people with respect. They treat me with respect. They work at their grades and work hard at what they love, for one it's soccer, the other, music. Without them I would be lost. They are my light.

So, tell me...what are you thankful for?

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