Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Little bits of happy

Yesterday I blogged about crappy stuff. Yeah, I had a crappy day. But last night was bliss. Last night I went to my daughter's last regular season soccer game of her high school life. It was cold and a little drizzly. We had to be there early because it was senior night. The team gives all the senior girls flowers and they announce their future plans, where they want to go to school and the parents get to go down on the field with them...it's really cool. You can probably tell I look blissfully happy in the pic to the left (that's her dad, my ex on her other side).

This team they played was undefeated. When we'd played them before, we lost 1-0.

I'll tell you what, the refs weren't kind. They were calling us for every little thing, BAD calls. Some of them, we had no idea what the hell they were. Yet, the other team was knocking our girls around left and right, pushing them down from behind, elbowing them in the side, hitting them in the gut, and they got no calls whatsoever. 

Needless to say, they pulled ahead of us 1-0 just before the half.

You could tell our team was angry and frustrated, but it looked like they settled things down at half time. They were working better as a team, making better passes. They looked really good. At about the 70 minute mark, my daughter scored to tie it up.

The battled continued and it was a hard one. Bodies were flying all over the field, penalties were called, it was hard to score. The game was moving fast, as we wanted to beat the undefeated team and they wanted to keep their untarnished record. But at 80 minutes, right before the game ending whistle blew, my daughter dribbled the ball close the goal, bringing the goalie out just a bit, and took a shot. She made it bringing the score 2-1 as everyone ran off the field and the scoreboard went blank. 

It was like a movie and was the perfect end to a miserable day.

2013 Wilson High School senior girls soccer players

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