Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I think it's time...

After some low days and soul searching I decided I could not stay away from writing. I miss writing this blog and I miss writing fiction. I have one novel fully written that just needs editing and one that I have about 30k in that I need to finish and so many ideas it seems a shame not to write them.

So I am back.

I also have my author website I was updating which I'd like to finish and was going to start a new weekly blog

This is what I love and though I love what I do at my day job as well, it is not enough. I will have to toil through work and health problems, exercise and kids activities and make a schedule that works.

I picked up writing for a reason. I needed it, and I don't mean like oxygen, like so many others might say. It came to me at a time that I was grieving. It makes me calm, gives me peace, help me breathe - a form of therapy that nothing else seems to be able to parallel.

So, I guess, in a way it's like oxygen. I feel I need it to survive this world. I realized that without it my world was a darker place.

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