Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I'm tired of poets and news from around the world

Sorry I can't do any more poets. I love poetry, but apparently the rest of the world doesn't because no one is reading my blog this week. But I have no idea what to write because my mind has been overworked as of late. So here's what's happening around the country...

  • The U.S. government is cracking down on female teachers that have sex with students. Last year 800 school employees were prosecuted for sexual assault,almost 1/3 being women. Um...sounds like the government may want to crack down on ALL  school employees who abuse teenagers, not just the women.
  • Oh look, another black man Freddie Gray, has died after being in the custody
    of police (don't quote me on this, but from the pictures, they all looked white). He ran from the police when they made eye contact with him, they arrested him, and sometime between the time they put him in the transport van and arriving at the hospital he had a serious spinal injury that killed him 7 days later. The officers have no idea what happened, but apparently he requested medical attention a few times during the ride before finally being taken to the hospital. File that one under WTF.
  • Having a Baby Ruined My Bikini body. So a woman is bitching about stretch marks after having 3 kids. Join the Just-About-Every-Mom-In-The-World-Club. Why is this news? Moving on...
  • As it turns out, there isn't just one way to be obese, but 6, according to

    research done by the University of Sheffield. You can go check them out, but apparently, this revelation of 6 ways to be obese will help fight obesity as they each need to be treated differently. Let me know how that goes. I need to drop some pounds.
  • Some asshole cut down a tree that was planted as a memorial to Michael
    Brown. The tree was chopped down at the trunk and a plaque placed at the bottom was stolen. #qualitypeople
  • OMG Jessa Duggar is pregnant!! What a shock. Maybe she'll take after her parents and have 35 kids.
  • And Gwyneth Paltrow has filed divorce from Chris Martin. Seriously? I didn't realize they were still married after the "Conscious Uncoupling." I mean shit,
    they've been dating other people and all that crap, so who cares?

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