Monday, January 4, 2016

The Bullshit Sessions Installment One: Misdiagnosis

I wouldn't necessarily call this a resolution, but I'm tired of people's bullshit and I think they should be called out. This could be a monthly thing, weekly, hell, daily. Depends on how much bullshit I see fit to post about.

Session One Bullshit goes to the doctor at the Urgent Care that took care of my kid a little over a week ago. When I say "doctor" I'm using the term loosely. My younger daughter wasn't feeling good on Christmas night. The next day, she complained of a sore throat and said she had bumps on her tonsils. Her voice sounded like Kermit the Frog. Okay, I didn't take her in to the Urgent Care right away, I like to give things a day. I had her gargle with salt water, drink warm water with lemon, made her broth, gave her lozenges to suck on yadda yadda yadda. The next day, Sunday, she couldn't really talk. I figured I'd keep up with the same routine and call her doctor's office Monday morning.

Her dad thought it bad enough to take her to Urgent Care, which I felt was not a bad idea. The doctor there is sure it's strep. She takes a culture which comes back negative. Even though the test was negative, she still diagnosis her with strep and prescribes antibiotics.

This course of action did not help at all overnight, which it should have, at least a little. I get her in to her own doctor's office that day. The first thing, after checking out her throat, that the doctor does is check for mono. Her exact words, "the way her throat looks, I'm going to check for mono first." Granted, I'd already told her about the negative strep test, but sounds like had she done a strep test and it came out negative, she would have checked for mono after. Something apparently Urgent Care doctor totally blew off.

She said it would take about ten minutes, it took about two. Mono showed up immediately. She said the antibiotics are worthless. She prescribed a couple days of steroids, which only helps the throat, not the virus, then said my daughter would get better depending on how she took care of herself...liquids to stay hydrated, and rest.

She feels better the same day. However, she breaks out into an itchy hivy rash about a day later. Could be mono related but could also be a reaction to antibiotics I guess (been brushing up on WebMD).

So, thanks for the misdiagnosis Urgent Care doctor...much appreciated bullshit.

Ah, that felt good. Please feel free to submit your own Bullshit Sessions. I'd be glad to post them.

Peace, Love and Joy in the Year of the Monkey,


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