Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie is Dead

Normally this day would be reserved for my newly launched Monday Bullshit Sessions, but in lieu of David Bowie's death, I've changed course.

My oldest sister, Dana, has always loved Bowie. She followed him from the very beginning of his career, which was the year I was born, so I grew up surrounded by all things Bowie until my sister moved out. I was a fan.

There were years I really didn't understand him and his music, and some of his musical phases didn't really appeal to me, but no matter, his performances and ever-changing styles were always mesmerizing.

He became a bit more mainstream in the 80s with his Let's Dance Album. It was the height of my Let's Dance album, my favorites were always Space Oddity, Changes, and Heroes.
teen years and when MTV played music videos, and those videos told a story. Bowie's music and videos were always a piece of art. Although I was a big fan of that

That tour was also the first and only Bowie concert I would witness. Dana and I went together. It was an amazing experience.

Since then, he's always been somewhere in the background, on the car radio, a whistle in the shower, a karaoke wasn't until my second daughter Rachel was born and watching movies that Bowie made another appearance in my life. Rachel's dad suggested we all watch Labyrinth. Admittedly, I had never seen the movie before then, around the year 2000. When it first came out I was too busy watching movies like 16 Candles, Better Off Dead and Breakfast Club.

Labyrinth became Rachel's favorite movie. She watched it her first time around three years old, and she still watches it to this day at age 18. In fact, I'm pretty sure she just watched it last weekend. She is now a huge Bowie fan.

One thing that stands out about Bowie and wife Iman, is that they weren't whores to the paparazzi. For the most part, they stayed out of the drama that can come with stardom and the spotlight altogether.

I'm saddened by the news of his death. He made a huge impact on the music world, and made his mark in film and theater as well. Bowie was a man of innovation, style and class. His spirit will be missed.

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