Friday, May 8, 2009

Dedication To My Mother

My mother is one of the most beautiful people in the world. Everyone says that, right? Yeah, but I'm serious. She's beat adversity and come a long way to become the person she is.

She was born in Oklahoma, the daughter of an unwed teenager, and though her mother told her who her father was, she was never sure, nor did she ever have a relationship with the man.

She grew up in an abusive household, mostly raising her three younger brothers. Four kids, three different fathers.

She married young, more than likely to escape, and ended up having to escape that as well, which I thank her for. For if she hadn't, she would not have met my dad. I do thank her though for the daughter she brought from that marriage, who I have never thought of as a half sister.

After divorcing, she still watched out for her brothers, raised her daughter, and worked hard to survive.

She met my father waiting tables at the New Yorker.

There are so many things about my mother that I love. I always loved her warm hugs. She was and still is a great consoler whenever I am physically or emotionally hurt. She has such a generous heart, she gives until there is nothing left, to whoever needs it. She is a great philanthropist, having always donated her time and money to charity.

So Happy Mother's Day Mom I hope that I have turned out to be half the mom you have proven to be.

To all the moms out there, have a joyous weekend, you deserve it. Motherhood, although one of the most rewarding, is of course, one of the most difficult jobs out there.
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