Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Free For All

Today I decided on some short bites relating to this weeks Top Four. So, here's some other things that have happened that were not good. Nope. Not good at all.

First time riding my tricycle around the block by myself and getting accosted by two mean neighbor kids. I had to run over their toes.

Almost getting strangled in 4th grade gym class by a fellow student who thought I put his leather jacket in the toilet. I did not.

Mark from elementary school. That's all that needs to be said. He was mean and gross and disgusting and tormented me from Kindergarten to 4th grade. I'm sure he's a nice person now, but back then, not so much.

Ripping my shorts on a nail during play rehearsal my senior year of high school.

My first year of college. No details, use your imagination.

Puerto Vallarta. You'll have to read my current WIP to find out about that one.

Daughter # 1 (henceforth referred to as Mary) falling down the stairs at 18 months old. I'm not a bad parent, I was right next to her about to grab her hand. And I was 9 months pregnant, so there was no way to catch her.

Daughter # 2 (henceforth known as Rachel) almost getting hit by a car in a crosswalk at about 2 years old. I pulled her arm so hard I thought I might dislocate her shoulder. I was pissed (excuse my french). That guy got a letter from my lawyer (my dad), just to scare the crap out of him so he would be more careful when driving through crosswalks.

I think that's all. Please come back next week for my next top four, which I think will be wacky moments.

Cd of the week Nirvana's Nevermind

Show of the week Heroes, I'm only on season 3 so don't ruin it for me.

Movie of the week, In Bruges, Brenden Gleeson, Colin Farrell, the mob, there's nothing more to say.

Book of the week, Scotti Cohn's One Wolf Howls, totally adorable picture book teaching about the lives of wolves.

Have a good weekend all, hope to see you Monday.

Kisses :*

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