Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Top 4 Pet Peeves: # 3 Inattentive Parents

I really don't think I'm a judgemental person, but it drives me nuts when people don't watch their kids. I'm not a perfect parent, but one thing I do pride myself on is how my children have always behaved in public.

I'm not going to go into great detail here, but when my house gets destroyed, my things get broken, my garden gets trampled through because someone isn't watching their child, it irritates me. Um, hello, if your kid isn't in the room with you, you better go see where they are. Don't you think? Or maybe if you see your child being destructive, hurtful, etc, try to do something about it.

But I'm not only concerned with stuff. After all, it's just stuff. I'm concerned with your child's safety. Our kids are older, we no longer have safety latches on every cupboard, drawer, and outlet in the house. We don't close the doors to our stairs. There are probably choking hazards lying around. We have sharp objects in our kitchen. Do you know where your kid is? Because when I'm hosting a party, it's not my job to watch them.
Rant over.
Thanks for reading. Come back tomorrow for my # 2 pet peeve.
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