Thursday, July 23, 2009

Top 4 Fears: # 1 Something Happening to My Children

Yes, this is more than likely the number one fear of any parent. I cannot stand the thought of my children hurt. I've already lived it a little with illness, falling down stairs, smacking heads, almost being hit by a car. But for something really big, and really bad to happen? That would kill me.

I was probably a little too overprotective when they were young, especially with the first, but to me, other parents didn't seem protective enough.

I've loosened up a little, but I cringe when they go to sleepovers, ride their bikes, or just walk down to the corner. I find myself praying (and I'm not really the praying type) to let them come home unscathed.

They always do of course. But still I worry.
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