Monday, July 27, 2009

Top four worst experiences in school: # 4 Public to Private school transition

Now, I'm not saying I hated high school, far from it, but after being in the public school system my whole life, I was terrified of being forced into a private Jesuit high school. Bellarmine Preparatory School. A school where I barely knew a soul. A school where friendships and cliques had been formed years before. I didn't know what to expect. And I was so painfully shy.

I did know a couple people. A few of my parent's friend's kids went there. And I was introduced to another girl by a friend. This girl is the one that saved me. She took me in, introduced me around, invited me to go to football games and parties. Now, she may not have been the best influence :) but she was the main reason I made it that first year. We are still friends to this day, though our journeys have taken us different directions. I still love her.

There you have it. Catch you tomorrow.

Kisses :*


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