Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Free For All: Pets

Thanks if you read my blog this week about middle school.

Today I want to talk about pets. I don't have any. My kids are constantly talking about wanting a puppy or a kitty, and while at times I feel guilty not allowing this inalienable right awarded to most children, it is impossible.

I know having a pet will teach my kids responsibility, but I have allergies. To everything. So, there's that. We also like to travel , and we house sit at this amazing house quite often, with pets we would either have to pay to kennel, or get someone to feed the animals.

But there is a more pressing issue at hand. My kids. The kids who want to feed, and bathe, and love an animal cannot even put their clothes in the laundry room. Or their dishes in the dishwasher. These kids who want a kitten to pet and hold on their laps cannot replace a toilet paper roll or put their things away when they're done with them. These kids who want to clean up dog poop complain when asked to set the table or tidy the bathroom or take out the recycling.

So I've decided to get them a pet. A rock. Rocks are hypoallergenic. They do not require food or water. They need not be petted or entertained. They will not bark, whine, or rub up against your pants leaving a mess of hair. They will not pee on the couch, poop on the floor, or throw up in your bed. They do not need to be kenneled or pet-sat. They do not lick or bite or rub their wet snotty noses against your cheek. They don't need to be taken for walks and you don't have to clean up after them.

So, my answer to my girls request for a pet will remain as it's always been, when you move out of the house you can have a pet.

Music of the week: I think I'm going with The Airborne Toxic Event. Check them out.
Movie of the week: Couples Retreat. Haven't seen it, but dying to.
Book of the week: Bloodroot by Bill Loehfelm. So far it's really good. You'll see my review soon.
TV show of the week: Hell's Kitchen. You gotta love chef Ramsey
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