Friday, February 19, 2010

F³A: Guest Blog, the Constipation of Life

I would like to start of by thanking the Angsty Writer for begging me to be a guest writer on her blog today. As the Angsty Husband I have been handed reigns of the Friday free for all and today we are going to explore constipation.

I am using constipation as a metaphor here not as its true form or lack thereof. I am talking about people who hold things in and get all bunged up until they become irritable, then walk around with disgruntled looks on their faces.

Why not relax? When people are feeding you a bunch of complicated meat that you have trouble processing, stop them immediately and tell them there are more fruitful ways of going about things in life instead of forcing things down other's throats. Dealing with it before you take it in and let it stew in your bowels is the best way to avoid this constipation.

You will be happier and spend less time sitting around all pent up over something you could avoid. :)

The Angsty Husband

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