Monday, February 1, 2010

Roller Derby

I've decided maybe I should try out for the local roller derby team. Yes, I just watched Whip It, which I loved by the way, but there is so many positive attributes to roller derby, I think it's worth a shot.

It would feed my competitive nature. I love games and sports, and I hate to lose. But if you are losing, how satisfying would it be to knock your opponent to the ground? Only one answer, very.

And who doesn't love to skate. It's so freeing, akin to flying, with the wind sweeping through your hair and kissing your cheeks.

Roller derby would also be a way to work out some aggression. Knocking people against the rail, onto the floor, and them being willing participants, sounds like heaven.

I do however have a low tolerance for pain, but am pretty sure the benefits would outweigh the bruising. I'm a writer, we are masochists after all.

I think I'll go look up the number and practice my skating.

Kisses :*

o o (that's a roller skate)

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