Friday, June 18, 2010

F³A: Offsides of Life

I know, I know, I'm talking about soccer a lot.  But I love the sport, and many of the rules could translate to life.

Many are confused by the offside rule.  Here is a short explanation: an offside foul is called when an offensive player, or attacking player, is passed the ball and there are not at least two opponents between him or her and the goal line. Usually, these are the goalkeeper and one other defender, but not necessarily.  

Basically, you are gaining advantage in an unfair way.

This is how I think the offside rule could translate to life:
On a freeway off ramp, when there are two lanes and one is ending, those drivers who speed up on the right to get as far up as they can instead of waiting in line like everyone else should be called offsides.  I mean really, is their time any more important than the rest of us?

When there is a long line at the cashier and a new one opens up and the person at the end of the line jumps in the new line instead of allowing those at the front of the line, that person should be called offsides. And the cashier should be bitch slapped for allowing it.

To the drivers who don't stop when someone is waiting at a crosswalk.  Offsides.

To those who cross the street against the light, then proceed to take their damn sweet time.  Offsides.

In a line for a sporting event, or concert, or any other kind of event, the person that tries to cut in line by any means possible.  Offsides.

When at a parade, the person who squeezes through the crowd to get a place up front.  Standing in front of your kids.  Offsides.

I think you see my point.  In my opinion, these people should get yellow cards, if not red.

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I will mention I just finished Alchemy by Mike Wood.  Look for my review soon. 

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Quotes of the week: "It's much easier to write when you're sad. But you can end up isolated and depressed because you almost need to put yourself in that situation to have that angst to write from." ~ Natalie Imbruglia

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