Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Sun

I know I blog about the sun way too much, but I'm solar powered.  Without it, I'm fairly useless.  Yes, I have my happy pills, yes I take vitamin D, but it's not the same.  A pill cannot compete with the big ball of fire in the sky, it's rays beating down on the pavement, filtering through my window, and hitting my face.

Yes, I understand I live in the Pacific Northwest, but we are normally allotted three months of almost uninterrupted sun. 

The picture you see here, I took from my living room window this morning.  It's what I've seen, not for days, but for months.  Rain streaked windows, wet sidewalks.  I thought last year was bad, the skies were gray from October until March.  Um, it's June people.  June when summer begins.  June when the sun is supposed to start shining.  June when I can sit outside under the sun and read a book, where I can start walking outside, when I take my laptop out to the backyard and write in the heat.

Yet, it's still pouring down rain and the sky is still gray. 

Leaving you with a poem I wrote about the sun.

White hot heat
Shimmering brilliance
Humid and inviting.
Filling vacuous voids,
The sinister chasms that
cause eternal downpours
and bone chilling rime.
Perpetual motion
Not to think or cast shadows
No moss collected
merely flow like the current.
Vivid hues, downy clouds,
fluid and weightless
blissful and tranquil

I wait for the dark to subside.



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