Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thought Provoking Thursday: Empty Head

I'm not sure I have anything thought provoking to write about today as I sit here watching squirrels mate in my backyard, debating gardening and divorce and Swag, all random thoughts that have seemed to run together in my head for some reason.

Seriously, my train of thought has been crazy this morning.  It went from me working late and having a margarita meeting after work, to the squirrels in my backyard, hoping they don't have their babies nearby, to theh catpoop I have to rake nearby where the squirrels were "doing it" to my garden, hoping the cats don't poop in it, to the soil I have to buy to finish my planting, to poetry and how I have to be full of angst to write it and wondering where other poets get their inspiration, to my ARCs which haven't been sent to all my bloggers yet, to my swag, much of which I still have to create/order to this crazy idea I have for publicity.

Is that a normal train of thought?  All this in a matter of about fifteen minutes?

What's on your mind this morning?
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