Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursdays Revelations

So, I'm at the store the other day and i pull into the parking lot and there is one parking spots toward the front .   i turn my left blinker on and wait.  as I'm waiting a woman pulls up opposite me and hedges in so that she's blocking me out.  while this happens another car starts pulling out of the spot next to the open spot, so I'm like, whatever, two spots, i don't care which one i take.

Well, as the woman is pulling out of her spot, someone she knows comes out of the store and starts chatting at her as we're all waiting for her to move.  they sit there and talk for like a minute even though they are now holding up at least five cars.

I say ef it and leave.  i really am not the kind of person to wait for a spot, i don't care if i park in front or back of the parking lot.  i hate waiting.

so far two rude people.

I'm in the store (big lots if anyone was wondering) grabbing up discounted halloween decorations (yes, I'm that person) i get in line and there's quite a line building up.  there's one person checking out, one in front of me, and a couple behind me.

another cashier comes up and says, i'll take the next in line.  i politely ask the woman ahead of me if she's going over there, to which she shakes her head, and as i'm turning my cart around, to go to the open cashier, a woman two behind me starts to head over to her.  and she just looks at me like "what are you going to do about it".  so i stay put.  and can i just say, it always bothers me when the cashier doesn't make sure the "next in line" gets that choice position as the front.  i mean, why say, "next in line" if you'll just take anyone that wants to be an asshole?

Rude person #3.

I counted 5 in a span of about 20 minutes.  i think I must have repressed the other two.

I was pissed.

But that's not the point.

The point is, why?  these are the small things in life.  the ones that don't matter.  if i get all worked up about the small inconveniences i'll make myself crazy.  i already know there are a-holes in the world, and i'm going to run into them from time to time, so why bother letting it get to me.

So i'm letting go.  when the small stuff happens, i'm just going to breathe and let it subside and focus on the good people and things in the world, because i truly think they outnumber the bad and the jerkoffs.

I've said my piece (peace?).

Have a good thursday.
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