Monday, December 12, 2011

Monkey Madness Monday: The Word is Love

Did you know Dec. 14 is Monkey Day?
So . . . love.  It's used to express a lot.  I love pizza, I love sock monkeys, I love writing, I love you.

Um, so when I tell someone I love them, I'm pretty much equating them to my collection of sock monkeys.

No.  Doesn't work for me anymore.  I don't love people the same way I love pizza, sock monkeys, and writing.

The truth? I don't like the word anymore.  It doesn't mean anything.  In fact, it feels fake when I say it, when speaking about or to someone dear to me.

The word is taken for granted, overused if you will.  It's become cliche.  I think we need a different word.  It seem like every other language has a different word for these different types of love.  I think the English language should too.

When I tell someone I love them, I want it to mean more than the superficial love we have for material objects or our favorite meal or destination.  It needs to be a word that transcends words.  You feelin' me?

What do you think?  Any ideas?
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