Monday, January 2, 2012

Monkey Madness Monday: Goals, Obstacles, and My Addiction to Netflix

So, it's officially the commencement of 2012 (resolutions don't begin on the 1st, at least in my world), so thus begins the attempt to reach all my goals for the year. Today will actually be a little difficult because I'm going to be taking down the Christmas decorations and cleaning house, but I will fit in the elliptical, hopefully some writing and reading (there's a book I need to finish in the next couple days).

There are things I'll have to sacrifice to reach my goals for the year, and this is all part of my resolutions to balance my time. I need to cut back on the Netflix. This will be hard because I think it's actually become a crutch for me on the weeks my kids are at their dads.

When they're gone, I crawl into bed early with my Kindle and watch stuff, right now I'm watching Gray's Anatomy. I just need to shift gears. Instead of crawling into bed and watching Netflix, I need to be reading. OR, I need to not crawl in to bed and I need to be writing.

As you all know, if you've been reading me for awhile, I suffered from exhaustion the last few months of the year, so I'll have to fight this as well. It leaves me too tired to do much of anything except lay around and watch shows and movies. I'm going to kick exhaustion's ass this year to get my butt on the elliptical and get back to the things I love, reading and writing.

But I'll probably need to take baby steps.

Do you have any goals you want to reach this year? What are some obstacles you foresee that may keep you from those goals? How will you get past them.
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