Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

So, we started this biggest loser contest at work, and if you've been reading me, you know I've been wanting to lose weight for my release next week (NEXT WEEK!!! sorry, I digress). Well, I've been eating fairly good, with a couple days of taking myself out on my weekend of seclusion.

But mostly I'm eating fruits and veggies, soups, greek yogurt and oatmeal. A nice rounded diet. I've not been eating too much meat, but I haven't cut it completely.

I've been exercising once to twice a day every day, which has included Jillian Michaels torture DVD's, the elliptical (which I just fixed AGAIN after one of Thing One's other friends, her cousin, my niece once again broke it. I mean, what are these kids doing, jumping on it?), and pilates ( I <3 pilates, you want fast body toning results, do it).

Anyhoo, I lost 4 pounds this week. I know that's not typical and it will taper off in the coming weeks. I've been working hard though and I'm psyched. I had no idea. I haven't been weighing myself regularly through this (I'm usually obsessive about getting on the scale every day).

That puts me ahead in the bigger loser contest and closer to my goals. And I'm back in the habit of exercising, which is so easy to get out of and so hard to get back into.

So, yay me!

Do you have any weight loss or health and nutrition goals for the year? What are they and what are you doing to reach them?

Oh, and don't forget the contest to win a marked up ARC of Never Eighteen. Details are on my Facebook author page.
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